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Parental Advisory: Films are not officially rated by the MPAA. Unless designated otherwise, the festival films may contain adult language and adult situations. Consult individual listings for details.



Saturday, March 24th
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Endless Poetry (Poesia Sin Fin) 4:00pm - 6:30pm  


Friday, July 28th
Red Carpet 7:00pm - 8:00pm  
Mail.Man 8:00pm Short
The Other Side 8:24pm Student, Short, Animation
The Language of Ball 8:28pm Short
The Hot One, the Smart One, or the Girl? 8:36pm Short
Great Expectations 8:46pm Short, Comedy
Nowhere, Michigan 9:00pm Feature
Saturday, July 29th
Goodman 10:00am Short, Drama, Horror
Charles Haux 10:10am Short, Romance, Comedy
Water with Lemon 10:20am Short
Talk to Me 10:33am Short
Structures of Nature 10:52am Short, Foreign
Milk 11:10am Short, Drama
The Bullish Farmer 11:20am Feature, Documentary
I Hate All of You 12:40pm Student, Animation
Little Labyrinth 12:42pm Short
One Shot 12:57pm Short
Lottery Winner 2017 1:10pm Short, Music Video
Two Landscapes 1:30pm Short, History, Drama
Dare to Dream: Cuba’s Latin American Medical School 1:34pm Short, Documentary
Glorious Victory 2:04pm Animation
Stone on Stone 2:06pm Short, Narrative Fiction
Emotionally Homeless 2:14pm Short
Le Sale Flic – Bad Cop 2:31pm Short, Foreign
Shankmans 2:57pm Feature
Calvin’s Shoe 4:33pm Animation
Ward Of The Feral Horses 4:40pm Short, Experimental
X 5:00pm Short
Dinner Break 5:07pm - 6:00pm  
Lies Within 6:00pm Short, Drama, Narrative
Light Sight 6:18pm Animation
Mickey the Leaf 6:35pm Short, Drama
The Embroidered Dress 6:27pm Student, Short
The Interview 6:47pm Short, Narrative Fiction
Pedicab 7:05pm Short, Feel Good
Deadbeat 7:20pm Short, Drama
Quitting Time 7:35pm Animation
The Waiting Room 7:45pm Short
Triangle 7:57pm Short
My Next Life Not This One 8:07pm Short, Music Video
Awards Ceremony 8:30pm - 9:15pm  
American Satan 9:15pm Feature, Drama, Thriller
Sunday, July 30th
Jacob Burns Film Block 12:00pm - 1:00pm Student Films
WCC Student Film Block 1:00pm - 2:00pm Student Films
The Perfect Woman 2:00pm Student, Short
Africana 2:08pm Short, Student, Drama
Estrella 2:19pm Student, Short
His First Time 2:30pm Student, Short
Just Words 2:36pm Student, Short
Ruby 3:00pm Student, Animation
Conflicted 3:04pm Student, Short, Thriller
Crimson Heist 3:09pm Student, Short
Awake 3:15pm Student, Feature
Vespers 4:30pm Student, Short, Experimental
The Thick Black Line 4:50pm Student, Documentary
Flytrap 5:13pm Student, Short
Tea 5:25pm Student, Short, Foreign
Fly by Light 5:48pm Student, Short
Memory Drive 6:47pm Student, Short, Drama