The Hot One, the Smart One, or the Girl?
Directed By James Magnus Woods

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Genre: Short

Producer, Writer: James Magnus Woods

Producer: Jihye Ku

Producer, Assistant Director: Steve Valle

Producer, Supporting Actor: Victoria Hill

Executive Producer: Erica Gay Woods

Executive Producer: Roy Israel

Co-Producer: John Rogers

Co-Producer, Supporting Actor: Kate Lucas

Co-Producer, Supporting Actor: Rene Woods

Lead Actor: Kevin Sebastian

Lead Actor: Skyler Volpe

Lead Actor: Taylor Cowan

Supporting Actor: Allie Leonard

Supporting Actor: Ed Coper

Supporting Actor: Edward Donnelly

Supporting Actor: Gabriel Rysdahl

Supporting Actor, 2nd Assistant Director:Kelsea Murphy

Supporting Actor: Rachel Grundy

Supporting Actor: Shirley Huang

Supporting Actor: Summer Coper

Country: USA

Year: 2017

Run Time: 9 Minutes 20 Seconds


It’s interview day for Bill, Steve and Alice, and they’re nervous. To get the job, the applicants must navigate a workplace rife with gender bias and sexual objectification. But in this world, it’s women who call the shots.