Directed By Jesse R. Tendler

Showing On: Saturday, July 29

Genre: Short, Drama

Executive Producers, Writers & Story: Eric Grisanti & Robert Mosca

Co-Producers: Eric Grisanti & Ryan Gallagher

Editor &Production Coordinator: Ryan Gallagher

Associate Producers: Jason DaSilva & Kim Licursi

Lead Actors: Mike Starr & William Jousset

Supporting Actor: Dawn Jamieson

Voice Actor: Trace Lysette

Country: USA

Year: 2016

Run Time: 13 Minute 48 Seconds


After more than 20 years with no contact, Ryan visits his dying, absentee father, Mickey, in the hospital. Though at first it seems that a poignant reconciliation may be possible between the young man and the former junkie who abandoned him, it turns out Ryan has other intentions for the encounter.